Tanikka Queen: Nevada Prosecutors Catch Jungle Fever of Las Vegas Teacher

Tanikka Queen: Nevada Prosecutors Catch Jungle Fever of Las Vegas Teacher

Tannika Queen: Jungle Fever

Tannika Queen: Jungle Fever Prosecutors seek probation.

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas. Tanikka Queen: Nevada Prosecutors Overwhelmed by Jungle Fever of Las Vegas Teacher. The criminal case docket read as The State of Nevada vs. TANIKKA SHEA QUEEN. A more accurate title would be The Nevada State of Corruption AND TANIKKA SHEA QUEEN vs. No One. The Nevada Judicial System is so woefully corrupt that it is a danger to itself. Why should anyone report a crime or aSsist any Nevada police officer because of the sissy male Nevada prosecutors WHO can’t separate their role as state prosecutors from potential suitors of female crime suspects. Neither have they proven an ability to prosecute regardless of race, gender, or socio-economic factors. In fact, a report produced by theSouthern Poverty Law Center on radical white extremist Cliven Bundy that tracks extremist groups, reveals disturbing facts that suggests that two Nevada police officers were killed because the local Sheriff apparently was too much of a coward to get tough with Cliven Bundy when he had a chance. Despite their deaths, and the extensive report produced, the state of Nevada cannot and will not admit that the two officers were in fact the victim of a corrupt judicial system that collapsed on the weight of reverse white racism. Point-of-fact: If Cliven Bundy were an African-American male (however remote and unlikely), the Nevada Police Officer Igor Soldo, and Police Officer Igor Soldo would still be alive. The widows of the deceased police officers will never publicly accept this theory. However, the Southern Poverty Law Center makes this argument very plausible. In trying to curry favor with radical extremists, the Sheriff exposed his officers to violent attacks by men who were even more emboldened by the slaughter of two white police officers. Militia leaders think that killing black cops would not produce much shock value.

Tanikka Queen Arrest Report Exposes Teacher as Pervert

In April 2014, I authored an article for the Scholarship Blog entitled Prosecutors Throw Book at Tannika Queen.

In March of 2014, Clark County School District Police Sgt. Mitch Maciszak said in a news conference that Tanikka S. Queen, 22, was arrested on numerous criminal counts including luring a child with sexual intent, open and gross sexual lewdness and kidnapping. The criminal counts, Maciszak said, were related to a perverted, dirty, and disgusting relationship that Tanikka S. Queen apparently had with a Middle school youth too young to properly judge Tanikka S. Queen as a potential pervert and prospecting child molester. According to the arrest report of Tannika Queen, on March 11, after having been taken into custody, the African-American woman quickly confessed to police that she was a slut on the loose. She admitted that she had dirty, immoral, and filthy sex with a 15-year-old desperate male student. Although she knew of the Nevada Scholarships sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars, she focused instead on her private lust. The low I.Q., desperate, disgraced, and perverted UNLV grad claimed in a text message &#34I am in love with [him]. I have never been in love.&#34 In another report with a detective, she told detectives she even had sex with the boy while she was house-sitting for a friend. In other words, Tanikka S. Queen is apparently so much of a tramp that she can’t be trusted to serve as a substitute teacher or even in a simple capacity as a house-sitter without her dirty mind wandering. Tannika, can you stop thinking about sex for even 1 minute?!! Read the Bible instead. The claim that she has never been in love before is certainly believable; what normal adult is attracted to a child molester who looks like Tannika Shea Queen? Tannika Queen has never won a beauty contest to my knowledge, and I doubt she will be Ms. Nevada any time soon.

Nevada District Attorney Steve Wolfson Claims Tanikka Queen Should be Made an Example

Nevada District Attorney Steve Wolfson publicly claimed that Tanikka Queen should be Made an Example, but it was Tanikka Queen who made an example of the would-be Jungle Fever prosecutor. Nevada District Attorney Steve Wolfson charged Tannika Shea Queen with at least 29 criminal charges following her arrest in March of 2014. The criminal counts included first-degree kidnapping, statutory sexual conduct and luring a child with technology, along with one count of sexual conduct between an employee and a student. Together, the charges add up to at least 50 years or more behind bars. In explaining the volume of charges, the Nevada District Attorney Steve Wolfson claimed in a local paper that &#34This teacher broke this trust and took advantage of a young child. So yes, we want to send a message that this is unacceptable behavior and there will be consequences&#34 .

What about the example he was supposed to set when dirty tramp Amanda Brennan ( a Foothill High School teacher) was using her dirty body on teenage boys? With Tanikka Queen, the Nevada prosecutors claimed they are setting an example. Clark County School District Police Capt. Ken Young told the Daily News that Tanikka Queen, 22, basically is looking at sex related charges with a minor … sexual seduction, luring, kidnapping.” In fact, Tanikka Queen, even confessed to having sex with the student when confronted with dirty and sexually-laced text messages. Less than 60 days later, the same Jungle Fever prosecutor would backtrack on his showboating, fraudulent, and deceptive claims.

Hypocrite Steve Wolfson: Over 40 Charges Dropped Against Jungle Girl Tanikka Queen

According to a report in the Las Vegas Review Journal, published April 11th, 2014 , Tanikka “Bella” Queen agreed to a Jungle Fever plea deal with the Jungle Fever male prosecutors in the case. Nevada District Attorney Steve Wolfson allowed, approved, and endorsed a sweet-heart plea deal that contradicts his claims of making an example out of Tannika Shea Queen. What an incredible about-face from a man who previously claimed that the actions of this sick child molester had betrayed the public trust. Who is really betraying the public trust: A child molester teacher or a lying District Attorney that files wasteful criminal charges merely to pretend to act in the interest of justice? What needs to happen is that the salary of Steve Wolfson should be reduced by the total expense of investigating charges that he later dropped. This would discourage prosecutorial show-boating and half-ass Jungle Fever prosecutions.

Tramp Tanikka Queen agreed to plead guilty to two felonies, one count each of luring a child to engage in a sexual act and sexual conduct by a school employee and a pupil. In excahnge for the plea deal, the corrupt Jungle Fever prosecutors in the case agreed to drop 43 other counts against Tanikka “Bella” Queen, and thus, making a liar out of the claims of District Attorney Steve Wolfson who claimed previously that Tanikka Queen would be &#34made an example of..&#34 The fact is that citizens of Nevada should file complaints to the Nevada State Bar accusing Nevada District Attorney Steve Wolfson of moral turpitude, malfeasance, nonfeasance, fraud, and failure to render Honest Services. Another corrupt Nevada court official, Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Joe Sciscento, lowered Queen’s bail to $50,000. It had been previuously set to #100,000.00 The bali amount for Amanda Brennan, a white female teacher, was only $20,000.00 (20% of the bail of Tannika Queen). In the deep South. a Black woman has a worth of only 20% of a white woman. The bail ammount should have been set to at least $1 million.

Protest Special Treatment Given to Tanikka Shea Queen

Tanikka Shea Queen may be low enough to impress the Jungle Fever stereotypes of local Nevada prosecutors who view Afican-American women as cheap and easy whores, however Tannika Queen is unlikely to impress a legitimate man. Far too many American Black female crime suspects and suspicous groups are being pampered. Previously, I wrote a report about a suspicious group called Black Girls Code that the media had been reporting about. I sensed that the group was discriminating against white females, white women, black boys, and other persons that were not Black girls. When asked for a copy of their tax returns, the leader of the group (Bryant) refused. Clark County School District officials said Tannika Queen had been teaching as a substitute in the school district for about 13 months. At one point, the student’s father said the teen came home with a hickie on his neck, which the boy said came from Bella (a code name for Tanikka S. Queen). On another day, the father said his son did not get home until 7 p.m. because he was &#34hanging out with Bella.&#34 Translation: the boy was engaging in immoral, perverted, and disgusting activity with a child molester by the name of Tannika Shea Queen, and the irresponsible parent was never monitoring the student’s activity.

Tannika Queen Prosecutors: No Jungle Love for Black Male Crime Suspects

Nevada prosecutors never hesitated in prosecuting Jason Griffith for the alleged murder of a Hispanic female (Debbie Flores Narvaez), and they allowed his white male co-accomplice Louis Colombo to escape all charges. Instead of prosecuting both men for 1st degree murder, the Jungle Fever prosecutors turned to stone and instead focused their attention on the lone black male suspect. Ammar Harris, 27, was charged by Nevada prosecutors for the rape and robbery of an 18 year-old woman. He was sentenced to 18 years. What about Las Vegas Silverado High School Softball Coach Albert Hernandez Jr.? He was steam-rolled by both federal and state prosecutors and hammered with a 23-year prison term. Tanikka Queen should be treated like these men. Tannika Queen should be facing at least 50 years in federal prison, Instead, Tanikka Queen is the judicial beneficiary of a one-sided judicial process that rewards black female crime suspects seen as easy whores for Jungle Fever prosecutors who simply do not have the guts to prosecute curvy women of color.

Judicial Scams Played by Prosecutors Prevent Justice for Victims

Nevada prosecutors are playing the same dangerous game that California prosecutor Michelle Rodriguez played with serial child molester Laura Whitehurst: (1) Pretend to be tough; (2)Charge the female crime suspect with over a 20 valid and legitimate allegations of criminal conduct; and, (3) After the media dust has blown away, wipe away 90% of the charges and seek probation. This scheme violates State Bar rules of professional conduct, and ethical requirements of the American Bar Association. Prosecutors are deceiving the public and masking their inability to prosecute certain persons.

Tanikka Queen Plea-deal Proves Nevada Prosecutors Not Interested in Justice

Nevada prosecutors are not interested in jusice. They are more interested in who they can benefit and impress or date afterwards. Amanda Brennan, a former Foothill Highschool teacher lured a young boy to a car and used her dirty body against the kid. She was sentenced to probation. Jungle Queen Tanikka Queen admitted engaging in perverted acts. What more evidence do you need? The Jungle Fever Nevada prosecutors could not move forward. Why are they employed as prosecutors if they cannot prosecute persons fairly? Nevada residents and tourists need to be protected against both male and female perverts, regardless of race or gender. Tanikka Queen has proven herself to be a dangerous,foul-mouthed, dirty, filthy, scheming, and immoral person who clearly cannot be trusted with minors or adults. She needs to be at a Senior citizen’s hospice or a group home with lesbian women to control her defective and evil sexual habits. Tanikka Queen is a disgrace to the Christian church, and a complete failure in the African-American community, and a disgrace to all civilized and normal women. Religious Castration is a sentence that appears to be suitable.

Tanikka Queen Connection to Jerad and Amanda Miller

Nevada residents are wondering why two Nevada cops were slaughtered by Mr. Jerad Miller and his lawful wife, Mrs Amanda Miller? When your justice system becomes a joke, a scam, and operated by cowardly prosecutors, and helped by judges who will not reject prosecutor requests for leniency, police officers seem to be the fall guys because they are viewed as the protectors of the judicial scam. If TANNIKA SHEA QUEEN had approached Jerad Miller with her filthy lust, I am confident that Mr. Miller would reject TANNIKA SHEA QUEEN. It is a shame that the father of the teen boy has not raised his son properly to reject the advances of predatory whores who are older than him. There is no tangible connection to slut Tanikka Queen and government protestors Jerad and Amanda Miller. TANNIKA SHEA QUEEN was lawfully charged with multiple acts of lewdness and perversity. She admitted her own misconduct when confronted with evidence. She must be treated the same way as Mr. Jason Griffth, Mr. Albert Hernandez, Jr, Mr. Ammar Harris, and other similar men. Women want equality. Equality begins in the courtroom. Punish the earth-crawling whore Tannika Shea Queen. The only question is this: Does Tannika Shea Queen belong in a jail with other criminals, or does Tannika Shea Queen belong in a caged Zoo with other animals?
That’s my free-speech opinion. what’s your free-speech response?

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